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Arpita Mandal, MA, NCSP, LEP
Licensed Educational Psychologist


I conduct psychoeducational evaluations to assess children for Learning Disabilities including Dyslexia, Attention/ADHD, Executive Functioning, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Giftedness, Depression, Anxiety, and other educationally relevant mental health concerns...


I provide consultation services to assist families in navigating and understanding school systems and how to best address their child's needs...


I conduct educationally related therapy on an individual basis to assist children and adolescents cope with Anxiety, Depression, and other mental health issues...

Therapy Sessions

The educational system for students with special needs can be challenging to navigate. I provide assessment and consultation services to families, as well as school districts, charter schools, and private schools regarding IEP and Section 504 related needs. Being familiar with both special education and Section 504 law, I can assist families in understanding the complex and daunting processes in the public educational system and provide guidance to ensure your child's needs are met. 

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About Me

My name is Arpita Mandal, and I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist practicing in Orange County, CA. I have been a School Psychologist for 13 years. 

Psychoeducational Evaluations

Comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations allow us to identify needs and areas of concern, as well as highlight areas of strength within your child. They allow us to best determine a student's learning profile and what supports they may need to access their education, which is why assessment is a crucial first step. Evaluations can include assessment in a broad number of areas including cognitive abilities, processing skills, academic achievement, social/emotional functioning, and adaptive behavior.










Adaptive Behavior

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